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Are You Afraid You Might Forget Something? MMW 129



Are you worried that you might forget to organise something? There are so many things to do that this is a very common thought. You have so much happening, so much to think of and what if something slips your mind or you just don't know to organise something.

So, how do you ensure you don't forget anything?

Here are my tips:

1. Keep referring to the app 'to do' list and ensure you have finalised each task

2. In the lead up, ensure you allocate space in your home that is completely dedicated to the wedding. Store everything in that one space so when you are rushed you can easily find it. You don't want to get triggered because you can't find something and then you end up stressed.

3. Checklists. Have a checklist for absolutely everything. If you need additional help here, ensure you have our Ultimate Checklist Bundle to help you not forget anything. But, if you haven't got something written down, with all the things you have to remember then it's likely you will forget something.

4. Visualise the order of your wedding day so you can think of what happens in each moment and this will help you think of things you may not have done yet. Ensure you listen to this episode so you can hear me explain how this works as it's a clever little trick for your memory.

If you are worried you are going to forget something then ensure you come and join me for my first ever, live wedding webinar training session. You can register to join the webinar HERE! I am so excited to get to teach you my wedding secrets.

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