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Alternate Drops, Dress Shopping And Your Bridal Party | Your Questions Answered MMW 115

Plan your wedding day your way.

So many decisions made throughout a wedding planning journey are shaped by wedding traditions or what a bridal couple thinks they should do in order to have the perfect day. Imagine what would happen if bridal couples planned their wedding day based on their own preferences, shaking off old-school ways of doing things, and making their special day about the love they share as a couple. Here Yvette shares her responses to some of the most asked questions she receives via the Manage My Wedding Instagram with a strong message for every couple planning their wedding - there are no rules, this is your day. 

 Tune in to learn:

  • How to pick main meals when you have an alternate drop included in your venue package.
  • What to do when you can’t find a dress that suits you or that you really like. 
  • Can you have a second dress?
  • Is it ok to have a different bridal party from the norm?

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