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The step by step guide to seating your wedding guests easily.
Templates to help you seat your wedding guests.

Seating Guide | Seat Your Wedding Guests Without The Stress

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Your step-by-step guide to successfully seating your wedding guests.

There is nothing worse than arriving to your reception and those that you love the most aren't in the correct seats and have their backs to you. That's definitely a crying moment you don't need at your reception. So take the stress out of seating your guests with our Ultimate Wedding Seating Guide.

Seat your guests easily by following our simple step-by-step process to ensure every guest is allocated a seat. You will love how this guide allows you to accommodate VIP guests, dietaries and special requests with ease. Forget stressing over your seating plan at the last minute, this guide will have your guests seated in no time.


  • A simple five-step process to seat your wedding guests with ease. Ensuring the guests you love the most are given priority seating and face you during the wedding formalities
  • Printable seating plan templates that accommodate round, long and square tables.
  • Simple-to-use table templates that allow you to document guest requirements including dietaries and special requests.
  • Tips on what information to source from your venue or wedding location, where to seat guests who don’t know anyone at your wedding and more.
  • Advice on how and what information you need to give your stationery supplier, venue, and/or caterer.


I have an IOS device. Should I download the app or buy the seating guide?

The seating guide breaks down the relevant seating task contained in the Manage My Wedding app so it provides more detail and gives you exact instructions on what you need to do. I would definitely download the app because it is the most detailed wedding planning app on the market and you can track guest details and RSVPs. The seating guide is for couples who want more support on deciding who sits where. 

I’ve purchased the Seating Guide but the bundle hasn’t arrived?

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