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What Time Should You Start Your Wedding Ceremony?



Are you wondering what time you should start your wedding ceremony?

It isn't a simple answer to be honest. There are many components to deciding on your start time.

1. Is the start time set by the ceremony venue

2. If not then what hours do you have between to pick from

3. Does the reception have a set time and is that flexible

4. Do you want sunset photo’s and if so what time does the sunset because you have to work back from that

5. How many are in the bridal party needing hair and makeup. You may not want to get up at 5am to get the makeup started. 

6. Talk with you celebrant to ensure the time works for them also and that they don’t have other weddings on the same day

7. How long do you need for photographs

There really are so many people you need have conversations with to work out your perfect start time. Ensure you start these conversations before you hit print on those invitations. You don't want to regret your start time when it's too late to make a change.


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