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Wedding Rant Coming Up - You need to hear this MMW 134



Be prepared, I am giving a bit of rant in this episode. But, anyone getting married needs to hear this.

In this episode I am covering;

1. Expectations of what your bridal party are paying to be in the bridal party and how lately this is honestly getting out of control


2. Crash dieting and your thoughts about how you think you 'should' look on your wedding day and the stress I see around this topic

These are not my normal topics but lately they are coming up more and more so I felt it was time to address them and tell you how I feel it should be at the moment.

Take it or leave it, but listen up and have a good think about what you really are expecting from your bridal party but also what you are expecting from yourself. It's time to be realistic.

Get back to the basics of why you are really getting married. Not for instagram and not to look like a famous model.


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