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Wedding planning | 5 tips on keeping your cool MMW 76


Have you ever felt like crawling up in a ball during your wedding planning?

I know what it's like. We get stressed, emotional, exhausted, caught up in the details and forget why we are tying the knot. 

Today I’m giving you 5 tips on keeping your cool, and links to podcasts to manage wedding planning overwhelm.

Aside from staying sane, when you keep your cool you'll win the hearts of your suppliers and bridal party, who’ll do anything to help you.  No one likes a b-zilla.  

 5 tips on keeping your cool:

  • Stay on top of the planning task lists

  • Accept offers of help and delegate like a boss

  • Try not to talk too much about your wedding - find your person

  • Take care of you 

  • Take time out from wedding planning to share time with your partner 

News: ready for your next wedding support bundle? They’ll include a checklist on changing your name, step by step guide to seating, packing your overnight bag and getting ready for your honeymoon. You’ll be as cool as a cucumber.

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You all deserve to feel calm and soak up all the love in the lead up to your big day. 

You can find me on Instagram and I love hearing from you (I’m happy to be “the person you chat to about your wedding”). I’m here to support and help you. 

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Enjoy being engaged xx 


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