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Vows & Wow: The Valley Altar's Epic Wedding Magic MMW 215


Join host Yvette Sitters and The Valley Altar, where love and creativity intertwine to create wedding magic like no other. Discover how Lei-Ahna Newell from Janda Events has transformed a humble warehouse into a dynamic haven for intimate nuptials and unforgettable celebrations. From the charm of vinyl album walls to the allure of disco ball-lit ceremonies, prepare to be swept off your feet by the sheer romance and splendour of this unique wedding venue which we are completely in love with.



Elopments & Micro Weddings at The Valley Altar:

We discuss the warm, fuzzy benefits of intimate nuptials and micro weddings that could tempt you to ditch the conventional for something more personal and meaningful.

Why Intimate Weddings Are In:

Learn why more couples are opting for intimate elopements and micro weddings and why they are extremely happy with their decision after the big day.

Hen's Party Options:

Spice up your pre-wedding festivities with glamorous hen parties packed with life drawing sessions, dance classes, and more. The Valley Altar is redefining the traditional hen's party with its unique blend of elegance and fun.

Create Picture-Perfect Memories:

From lush greenery to twinkling lights, every corner of The Valley Altar is a photographer's dream. Capture timeless moments against the backdrop of this captivating venue and cherish them for years to come.

Personalised Wedding Planner Experience:

At The Valley Altar, no two weddings are alike. Discover how Lei-Ahna and her team tailor each experience to reflect the unique love story of every couple, ensuring that your wedding day is as special as your journey together and making the job of wedding planning so much easier for you.

If you want a wedding with personality, style, and the promise of everlasting memories, then The Valley Altar is for you.



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