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Things Past Brides Wish They Hadn’t Forgotten | PART 2 OF 2 MMW 187



Avoid Wedding Day Regrets: Tips from Past Brides (Part 2)

In this special two-part episode, Yvette shares valuable insights from past brides on what they wish they hadn't forgotten on their wedding day.

Last week's podcast episode we talked about what past brides wish they hadn't forgotten about. Now, last week was more light-hearted and had some funny, yet amazingly helpful tips. So please go back and listen if you missed that episode, and you don't want to forget some little items that you might not think about. But in part two we are going to cover what we feel are the more important things that past brides wish they hadn't forgotten. Some of these can affect how you feel after the big day, and they might stay on your mind. So, let's just get straight into it.


  1. Create a Packing List for Collecting Your Wedding Items: Design a detailed packing list for the person responsible for collecting your items from the venue at the end of the night. Avoid relying solely on the venue or coordinator; having a comprehensive list ensures nothing important is forgotten, such as the guest book, leftover wedding cake, gifts, cards, money and left behind guest favours.

  2. Print Extra Copies of Important Documents: Before the big day, make multiple copies of essential items such as vows, readings, timings, schedules, speeches, and photo lists. Distribute these copies to key people involved in the wedding, including the MC, venue staff, celebrant, and suppliers, to avoid any mishaps due to misplaced or forgotten items.

  3. Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet: Don't let your beautiful wedding bouquet go to waste! Make arrangements to preserve it after the event, whether by drying the flowers or having them put in resin. It's a sentimental keepsake that will remind you of your special day for years to come.

  4. Ensure the Candles Are Lit: Candles add a romantic touch to the ambiance of your wedding, so ensure they are lit during the event. Assign a couple of people to remember this task and prevent any unnecessary waste of the candles you've invested in.

  5. Ensure Your Wedding Cake is Cut: Surprisingly, many couples find out the next day that the wedding cake was never cut and served. Avoid this mishap by assigning someone to take care serving the cake, allowing your guests to enjoy the delicious treat.

  6. Capture Special Moments with Bridesmaids and Important Guests: Request your photographer to take proper photos with each bridesmaid and other important guests. Candid shots are wonderful, but formal portraits will help you cherish the memories with your closest loved ones.

  7. Encourage Guests to Sign the Guest Book: Make sure your guest book doesn't end up empty! Have your MC remind guests to sign it throughout the event or assign someone to take it around and encourage signatures.

  8. Be Prepared for Anything: Ladies, even if it's not that time of the month, consider carrying a tampon or some baby wipes. The excitement of the day might cause unexpected situations, and being prepared will save you from potential embarrassment. We share a real horror story of what happened to another bride.

  9. Take Time to Cherish Special Moments: Your wedding day will go by quickly, so take a few moments with your partner to step aside, hug, and cherish the special moments together. Repeat this throughout the event to fully appreciate the significance of the day.

  10. Fun "Freeze Frame" Photo Opportunity: Incorporate a memorable photo opportunity during the reception. Play the song "Freeze Frame" and invite groups of guests to pose with you and your partner every time the song says "freeze frame." This way, you can get pictures with all your guests without taking up too much time.

We absolutely loved collecting this forgotten list from past brides and we hope it has helped you. If so, please leave a review on the podcast platform you use, we would be so grateful. I

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