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The Ultimate Checklist for Enlisting Your MC

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The MC (Master of Ceremonies) will play one of the most important roles at your wedding reception. Not only will they be the first person to address your guests at your reception, their level of professionalism will set the tone for the night. Your MC needs to speak well in front of crowds, be confident within their role and ultimately ensure your wedding runs on time and as per the schedule.

Before you enlist your MC consider the following: 

  • Does the MC know both you and the groom as a couple. There is no point selecting your Uncle because he is confident and funny yet doesn't know your groom at all. If your MC doesn't know you and your groom as a couple, it will be awkward when it comes to talking about you as a couple and it will show.
  • Does the MC have a history of getting drunk at events. When asking a friend or family member to be your MC you are essentially asking them to be ‘on duty’ for the night. Do not pick anyone who you know gets drunk at functions as there is no way they will be able to finish the role of MC towards the end of the night.
  • Does your MC have a potty mouth. Swearing at a wedding is a big no, no. Even if your MC finds it funny to slip a few profanities into his speech to lighten the mood, guests will not appreciate it, especially your parents.
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  • Does your MC have a natural sense of humour. Your MC needs to have a humorous side and be able to show a bit of wit to add an element of fun to the reception. In contrast, don’t make the mistake of selecting someone who loves the lime light and makes your wedding night all about them.
  • Does your MC want to fulfil the role. Make sure the person you select to be your MC accepts the role because they actual want to do it. Remember, being an MC is a privilege but the role can stress some people out who would rather enjoy your wedding as a guest.
  • Is your MC reliable. When you have a reliable MC you can sit back and enjoy your wedding knowing everything is going the way you have planned.

Once you have elected your MC and they have accepted their important role, take time to sit down with them and talk about what you would like them to cover on the night. Be specific and put a schedule together and assure them you will help them in the lead up to the big day. Remember to also be clear on your expectations of their role so everyone is on the same page.

If after reading this checklist you are stuck for someone to ask, then consider hiring a professional MC. This will eliminate your concerns and ensure your night runs smoothly. Some DJ’s and bands offer MC services too.

**MMW Tip - don't forget to thank your MC. Show your appreciation with one of our thank you cards.

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