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The Quest for the Perfect Wedding

Page boy walking down the aisle holding another small page boys hand and holding a sign that says here comes the love of your life

When we start planning our wedding we may not have the exact details of our big day lined up but one thing we do know is we want our wedding to be perfect.

The quest for the perfect wedding has undone even the most balanced of brides but don’t worry, it is normal to want your guests to remember your wedding as ‘the best wedding they have ever been to’. Instead of sending yourself on an impossible mission to create the perfect wedding day, we suggest making your wedding day the most unique, uniquely you and your groom that is.

Your guests will remember the things that stood out and made your wedding different. Think thoughtful details, memorable culinary and drink options and activities that made your big day turn into a big night of fun. With a little thought and lots of attention to detail, your guests will be raving about your wedding day for years to come. 

Here are our suggestions:

  • Out of the box food options. It’s important to ensure your guests are well fed and watered however you don’t have to stick to the standard three-course dinner or cocktail plates in order to do so. Consider serving a cuisine that you and your groom love or use food to create a lavish point of interest. A fresh oyster shucking station accompanied by a champagne stall will have your guests feeling spoilt, plus it will set the tone for the rest of the evening. Remember, whether delicious or below par, guests will always talk about the food.
  • Uniquely you. Take time to think about details you can inject into your wedding day that are uniquely you and your groom. Why not place a sweet or funny childhood photo of the bride and groom on the respective bathroom doors at the reception venue? The guests won’t miss it. We love the idea of having your page boy carry a sign with a special message for your groom or why not have your married name concealed in the hem of your dress to be playfully revealed for the first time once you are announced as husband and wife.
  • Showcase your venue. You have selected your venue because you think it is amazing and has a special meaning for you and your groom so why not showcase what you love about the venue throughout your wedding. Don’t forget many of your guests are from out of town so it’s a great opportunity to incorporate items known to be famous to the area such as local produce and market goods. If your wedding is held in a famous wine region, make sure the wines served are from the area and be sure to share this detail with your guests.
  • Doing it for the kids. If you invite children to your wedding day ensure you make them feel welcome. Not only will a few small details keep kids happy and entertained but their parents will have a great time too. Try a fairy floss or popcorn machine or perhaps a Mr Whippy van at the pre-dinner drinks. You might even find a few of your adult guests secretly love this thoughtful detail too. 
  • Don’t forget the fun. Not all guests like to get involved in games but providing optional activities helps keep an element of fun engrained throughout your special day. If you have a lawn at the reception, hire a life-size connect-4, set up croquet, life size noughts and crosses or giant chess. A photo wall encourages guests to mingle and also capture some beautiful memories from your big day. 
  • Music to move to. If you don’t take up any of our other suggestions, ensure you spend your extra money on a fantastic live band or DJ. A wedding with great music will keep guests in high spirits and on the dance floor all night. Guests complaining of sore feet the next day is a clear marker your wedding was a huge success!

Tell us some of your great ideas for making weddings memorable?

Bride holding up the inside of her wedding dress with her name printed inside as a surprise and the groom smiling and laughing

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