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The Essential 5 Moments: the wedding shots every bride needs


Guest Blog - Chris, Founder of Memorable Moments

Using Manage My Wedding App checklists for organising your wedding is a no brainer. So do you need a wedding photo checklist too? The answer is yes you do.

In this blog post we're going to take you through the moments that must be captured. Rest assure that every professional photographer will have a wedding photo checklist. They know for sure which photos to take on your BIG day so ask them to share their list with you.

A more important question is do YOU know which photos you want to be taken on your wedding day?

We recommend that you have a think about which moments are top on your must have list - the Essential one’s for you, and communicate those to your photographer. To help you out, we've listed top moments that brides commonly want captured. Do you agree with these? Or which would you like to have?



These Essential 5 are moments you likely will want to have photos of in your home afterwards as a wonderful daily reminder of your memorable wedding day:

Rehearse with Engagement Photos

It's likely that you and your partner haven't done many photo shoots together before your wedding day, and also not together with your chosen photographer. So why not start by having an engagement photo session well ahead of your wedding?

This is a great way for you and your partner to become comfortable in front of the camera, and for your photographer to get to know you and your preferences better. This turns the engagement photo shoot into a rehearsal and will make you feel more relaxed on your wedding day.

Your Once in A Lifetime Outfit

Whatever you decide to wear on the Wedding day - designer wedding dress or an inherited garment - it's a likely that you spent (a lot of) money on it to make it fit you. You probably won't wear it on any other day in your life. So make sure your photographer captures you in it. You might even decide to not keep it later on because the great photos of it is enough to serve as a keepsake.

Are there any specific details in your outfit that shouldn't be missed? Embroidery, pearls, vail, or other? Just let your photographer know so close ups can be taken of them!

First Looks at You

Needless to say, there's only going one shot at capturing the first look moment. (This is why every experienced photographer make sure they DON'T miss that opportunity). The groom's and/or bride's reactions, as well as the bridal party’s parents first looks, are such priceless pictures.

These facial expressions will afterwards take you (and them!) straight back to all the feels you had on the day.

Bridal Party Together with Older Relatives

Either before or after the wedding ceremony you're likely going to have portraits taken. When you make a list of whom to be included (family members, relatives and close friends), also include any specific combinations you're after.

Prioritise photos of elder relatives to be photographed with you and your partner. Such as your parents, grandparents or anyone else close to you. They'll likely not jump at getting in front of the camera, so prepare them for your wish of including them. In the years to come you definitely will want to have them captured, and they will cherish that photo of you together in it.

Moments Without You

Throughout the day there will be moments and happenings that you'll miss unless your photographer - and possibly the accompanying second photographer - capture them for you.

It can be the empty church showing interior and exterior details before the arrival of the guests, or while the groom is waiting at the altar. The behind the scenes pictures of the wedding venue’s final preparations before the arrival of the wedding party are also great to be documented.


Groom with arms around the back of bride


Use this list of the Essential top 5 moments to ensure you get your must-have photos. This way you avoid realising afterwards that there were no pictures of you together with so-and-so. Because as we all know, there won't be a retake of your wedding day. 


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