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The Current Wedding Craze | The First Look MMW 153



Should I do a First Look?

This seems to be the current craze out there. IG and Tik Tok of course have had a lot to do with this.

And if it isn’t the bride and groom doing the first look, then it is the groomsmen or best man doing it for a laugh. Which is actually quite funny when you watch them.

But, the question still remains. Should you do a first look?

I get asked this occasionally so thought I would weigh in on it.

It is personally not for me but there are good reasons to have a first look alone with just the photographer.

Now why is it not for me. Because I am a wedding planner and I absolutely love that moment when the bride hits the aisle and everyone’s jaw drops and the groom gets all emotional and it truly makes for the most incredible moment and every single guest can feel that. It’s just the perfect start for an emotional and happy ceremony that gets the guests talking forever.

It’s truly a moment I have never forgotten. Actually I need to get my husband James on in a future episode and ask him about that moment and how he feels about a first look because my husband is much more private than me and he might feel different. I’ll see if I can get him to weigh in on that.

So, if you are someone or your partner is who is more private or you are absolutely fretting about that moment at the aisle then the ‘first look’ could absolutely be right for you. It could help you settle the nerves and just have a moment to get your emotions under control and then you might feel more comfortable about everyone looking at you at the end of the aisle.

The other reason you might want to have a ‘first look’ is if you just want that time alone and you want to capture that precious moment of embracing alone. They certainly make the most memorable photographs and video’s. But, do not do it just for social media reasons. You have to do it because it suits your personalities better and it will help you get through that ceremony. 

It is definitely a personal choice the first look and it’s not for everyone.

There is definitely a first look I wish I did and it was not with my husband to be. It would have to be my Dad. I wish the first look was a thing when I got married because I would have definitely done it with my Dad. I love my Dad dearly and we are very close and I remember how emotional he was when he saw me and the photographer did snap an emotional photograph of him peering through the door at me dressed and I love that photo so much. Actually I will find it and post it on social media this week. But, I wish I had made time to actually do a first look with him and have some precious moments alone with him. Instead we rushed at the end and quickly grabbed some last photographs so we didn’t have long and weren’t alone. So, that is something if I had my time again I would maybe change. But, I had the best day and I always say there is nothing I would change so I don't want to go back on that. But, I do imagine how special that would have been if we had longer or a first look.

So, those are my own personal views on the first look. Just to recap. Do what feels right for both of you and your personalities. Will it help one of you feel more relaxed for the ceremony, do you want those special photographs or do you want to wait to share that moment with those you love around you at the ceremony.

Lastly, just to say it again. Don’t do it for social media or so you can show the world who you don’t even know and weren’t lucky enough to get an invite to your wedding anyway. Do not do it for that reason.

Think about what I have said and make the right decision for the both of you. And if you do end up doing the first look please share it with me afterwards so I can love on your special moment.

So that’s it for this episode. If you found today’s episode helpful I would absolutely love for you to leave me a 5 * star review and please do come and say hello on instagram @managemywedding


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