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MMW 6: Post Wedding Blues are a Thing. Here's How You Can Avoid Them.

In today’s podcast, Yvette shares her insights and debunks the myths surrounding the post-wedding blues. Studies show a staggering 50% of newly-married couples report feeling depressed after their wedding day so this is certainly a topic brides and grooms-to-be need to be aware and informed about. Yvette reminds couples that it is normal to feel down after the excitement of your wedding day and acknowledges it can be hard to adjust to everyday life after your big day preoccupied so much of your time and thoughts. 

Yvette discusses:

  • Practical steps you can take to avoid the post-wedding blues.
  • How you can put your newly-found planning and organisational skills to good use in other areas of your life.
  • Why volunteering or giving your time to someone in need can help to raise your mood and shift your purpose.
  • Why it is vital to keep up your pre-wedding health and fitness routine to help your mental health.
  • How prioritising time with your partner for date nights, sex, and even gifts can keep the blues at bay.
  • The importance of setting new goals for yourself.
  • A reminder of the tasks you need to complete post-wedding that can help prolong the planning process while you adjust to life without a big event to plan and look forward to.

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