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Keeping Family Happy In The Lead Up to Your Wedding Day MMW 139



How do I keep my family happy in the lead up to my big day?

Have you got family saying you should do x,y,z? They all have opinions, thoughts and advice on your big day right?

They’ve been married before, or they have given you money so think they can put their 2 cents worth in.

Are you feeling like you relate to this so much?

Let’s talk about how to handle this.

  • Firstly you have to decide if their thoughts and opinions matter? 
  • Second you have to know how you will handle them.
  • Third you have decide with your partner whom you will be accepting money from and how much. And if you do accept the money how much input will they have?
  • Fourth, pick your battles. Sometimes it is not worth the fight. But, which battles are worth fighting? 
  • Fifth, you can’t actually keep everyone happy. It’s never possible with anything in life. So take on this advice as hard as it is.

Family and often friends will always want to put their 2 cents worth in, this is just life. But, how you handle it can determine how stressful or enjoyable your planning will be.

These suggestions will help you move forward in a more positive light and definitely make your planning more easy and enjoyable.

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