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Groom holding champagne that is exploding and bride beside him and they are both smiling and laughing

Between booking the bridal cars and curating the guest list it is easy to get a little lax when it comes to your partner in the lead up to your wedding day. 

We get it, you love him to bits but right now your manning a tight ship and there are deadlines, decisions to be made and deposits to be paid. To ensure you make it to the altar with your main man by your side we have compiled our top tips to help keep the love alive in the lead up to your wedding day.

  1. Always ask your partner’s opinion when making wedding decisions. Sure, he might not look or sound interested but it is important to include your groom-to-be. That way they can never suggest they didn’t have a say in their wedding day.

  2. Always give them set tasks to do. Get your guy interested in planning the wedding by giving him jobs he has an interest in, like organising the transport and music for the reception. These are the tasks you can remove from your to-do list and your partner will likely revel in the chance to make some decisions without your input.

  3. Pick between two. If you don’t want to give creative control to your partner but want to involve him in more decisions get him to pick from your two favourites. For example, if you love two centrepiece options equally, give the reins over to your hubby-to-be to make the call on which one you use. 

  4. Make decision-making fun. Planning a wedding means there is a menu to be sampled, cake flavours to be tried and even a wine list to compile. The food and beverage menu  is sure to be a key talking point at the wedding and you both need to agree on this so why not make these jobs on your list something fun you can do as a couple to break up the planning monotony. 

  5. It is a common theme for one partner to take the lead when planning a wedding which can leave the other partner feeling like they are a bystander. Be conscious that your wedding day needs to reflect both of your personalities and this will only be the case if you both have a say in the big decisions.

  6. Finally, make your partner feel extra special on the morning of your vows with a Manage My Wedding handwritten card from yours truly. Telling your lover how much they mean to you will help to ease their nerves before that big moment at the ceremony and will let them know you are focused on the true meaning of the day. 


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