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How To Manage All Those Wedding Tasks More Easily? MMW 133



Do you currently feel like there are way too many wedding tasks to get through? Like, how are you ever going to get through them all. The list is never ending.

Yes, there are many tasks to get through, I am not going to sugar coat that.

But, usually we are planning around the wrong way and that is why it feels never ending and why you can get overwhelmed.

So, how do you get through all those tasks more easily I hear you ask.

1. You need to plan around the right way and in the correct order. You must bulk together the right tasks.

2. You need to finish a task as much as possible before you move onto another big task. This also helps keep the wedding style cohesive throughout.

3.  You must pick your colours and style at certain points of the planning so everything is kept to the same style. This stops you having to review and possibly do a task again later when you realise you did it too early and now it doesn't match your wedding vibe.

We ensure you are covering the right tasks at the right time in the Calm Bride Planner for this exact reason. To save you time and money later. You can checkout the Calm Bride Planner HERE!

4. You need to be specific about what task you are working on right now and what tasks are associated with that task so that you aren't spending your final week stressed and trying to complete a task that could have been handled months before with another task.

5. Don't prioritise the fun tasks over the crucial tasks just because you think it will be easier at the time. The tasks you avoid are usually the most important.

If you are avoiding a task right now because it feels heavy or hard, get onto it now. There is a reason you need to get it ticked off now. Don't regret it later.

If you want a 'to do' list to follow then ensure you have downloaded our FREE Wedding Planning App. There is a detailed 'to do' list in the App to help you feel more in control and know where to start. You can Download it HERE!

Happy Planning,
Yvette xx

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