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How To Ensure You Have Delicious Food At Your Wedding MMW 127



How do you ensure the food at your wedding is incredible and that the guests talk about it forever. Because lets be honest, the food is a huge talking point at any wedding and it's often what guests will talk about forever.

So, what do you need to consider:

  • The chef. You want your chef to be happy and you want to ensure what you have planned doesn't make their job stressful or impacted
  • Listen to your venues suggestions and advice of food and timings
  • Your food options you order are key
  • Be certain on your timings so you don't run late and you have cold or overcooked food served

Your guests are always very hungry when they get to the reception, so make it a positive experience for them. Make sure they are talking about how good the food is when they are eating.

You want to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and that the guests talk positively about your food for years to come. No one wants their guests talking about cold food or food that ran out.

Follow these suggestions and you are sure to have happy guests.

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