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How To Achieve Your Dream Bridal Look with MUA Ingalisa MMW 220


Your hair and makeup are such vital components of your wedding day. They not only enhance your beauty but also instill confidence and radiate your wedding day glow. Getting them right is so important.

In today's episode, we are talking to Ingalisa Van Den Broek, an award-winning hair and makeup artist. Ingalisa shares her incredible skills and offers expert advice to support all the beautiful brides listening. Ingalisa will help you understand when you should be booking your hair and makeup, how important your trial can be, and how to get the look you are truly happy with.

Discussion Points:

  • How Ingalisa works with brides to achieve their desired wedding day look so they are confident and glowing.

  • What trends we are currently seeing in bridal hair and makeup so you can make a decision for your own day.

  • How to select a style that suits you best.

  • How far in advance you need to book your hair and makeup services for the wedding day and trial.

  • What should you expect during a trial session.

  • The important dos and don'ts for brides in terms of hair and makeup preparation so everything goes smoothly on the day.

How you look and feel on your wedding day is incredibly important. This is your one day to feel like a princess and look back knowing everything was perfect.

Connect with Ingalisa Van Den Broek:


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