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From Stress to Success: Finding Calm Amidst Wedding Chaos with Mell 'B' Balment



In this episode of the Manage My Wedding Podcast, Yvette Sitters chats with Mel 'B' Balment to explore the intricacies of managing stress and emotions during the wedding planning process. Mel 'B' Balment, a transformational coach, shares expert advice on addressing challenges, fostering harmonious relationships, and holding a resilient mindset for an enjoyable wedding experience.

Discussion Points:

Selling the Dream:Mel 'B' Balment emphasises the dream of waking up after the wedding day, knowing everything was perfect and the couple got their dream day.


Addressing Wedding Stresses:

  • Going over budget.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with planning.
  • Lack of partner involvement.
  • Dealing with family opinions.
  • Balancing numerous tasks and the fear of forgetting something important.


Practical Tips for Managing Stress:

  • Utilising tools like Manage My Wedding app and spreadsheets.
  • Journaling to address and process overwhelming thoughts.
  • Breaking down tasks to manageable steps and allocating time for them in the calendar.


Handling Family Emotions:

  • Empowering empaths to protect themselves.
  • How to create a boundary or "bubble" to shield from external influences.
  • Pre-framing difficult discussions and asserting your choices as the bridal  couple respectfully.


Dealing with Extreme Cases:

  • Recognising and addressing narcissistic behaviour within family dynamics.
  • Setting boundaries, even if it means uninviting certain individuals.


Navigating Childhood Trauma:

  • Acknowledging and addressing past traumas that may surface during wedding planning.
  • Using the wedding as an opportunity for healing and letting go of past burdens.

Personal Experience: Yvette shares a personal experience of releasing emotional tension on her wedding day, highlighting the importance of addressing and releasing past emotions for a fulfilling wedding experience.

Embracing Emotions: Mel 'B' challenges the notion that emotions should not be avoided, encouraging couples to acknowledge and process their feelings for a richer, more meaningful life.


How to Connect with Mel 'B' Balment:

Website or Facebook

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 Mel B Balment

This episode delves into the emotional aspects of wedding planning, offering practical tips and expert advice to help couples navigate stress, build resilience, and create a wedding day filled with joy and love.


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