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Expert Wedding Advice From Award Winning Wedding Planner | David Carlo MMW 137

Expert Wedding Advice You Need Now!

David Carlo is joining us on The Manage My Wedding Podcast today and he is honestly a Wedding Planning Dream. David is an Award Winning Planner who is sharing his expert knowledge with us and it is advice all wedding couples need to hear.

We discuss:

1.  How David's wedding career started and what style of weddings are David's most favourite and why.

2. Which traditional formalities are still around and why you must pick your own special traditions so that you are happy on the day.

3. Why Cocktail Style Weddings often go very wrong.

4. What makes the most memorable wedding? The ones guests talk about forever.

5. Why your chosen suppliers can make or break your day.

6. As a Wedding Planner how David manages the couples planning overwhelm.

To wrap up the episode David shares his #1 Wedding Tip that all couples needs to hear.
You can follow David Carlo on Instagram @davidtheweddingplanner 
Or shop The Carlo Collection @thecarlocollection

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