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Green tree leaves with handwritten names on them as placecards


So you have gotten mad at the people obsessing over the Coles mini shop and now you are concerned about the amount of plastic wrapping on your wedding favours…can you successfully pull off a green wedding in 2019? 

My name is Vanessa @azuldenim and as an experienced Event Manager in my previous career I have to say I have SEEN IT ALL – all of the couples’ hard earned money, carefully picked out flowers, numerous meetings…and then yep – all floral arrangements are just thrown in the bin as soon as the guests leave the venue. Now picture this – I have had the garbage man refuse to empty large skip venue bins because they were overflowing with large white long stem roses!!!

SO what can you really do to at least try to keep your wedding as green as possible? 

Here are my top 5 tips: 

  1. Understanding why you are doing this and enforcing the adjustments as a couple. Anytime you combat something as a team you are both so much more committed and can hold each other accountable throughout the planning process. If sustainability in your home or future home and in your future life together is important and valued then incorporating ethical practices into your wedding would be a great start.
  2. But how? Most venues have waste management practises in place to support the homeless with meals and some are even growing mirco herbs and vegetables themselves onsite and re-purposing their compostable materials to nourish the soil. Always ask the venue manager at your first site inspection if the venue that you are considering is participating on any of these programs or is affiliated with any sustainable practises.
  3. Support small and local businesses. Just because the venue or ceremony site that you have selected has preferred suppliers it does not mean that you must book and use those suppliers. Always trust your gut, get a few quotes from local businesses to compare rates and services. Small businesses are usually operated exceptionally well, have incredible referrals and will work very hard for your business and ensure that your wedding is unforgettable. Even if your wedding is a destination wedding – you are contributing to the overall economy in that local area. Your guests are staying locally, they will go out to enjoy brekky the next day locally and the money spent will directly support that local community. Educate your guests on where to stay nearby, create a little fun list of things to do in your invites or on your event website such as local markets, etc.
  4. …and here is the juicy one the venues and florists don’t want you to know but will save you CASH. Ask the venue if they wouldn’t mind contacting the couple getting married on the same day (if there is another lunch wedding for example earlier that day) and share the floral arrangements! There is a little bit of coordination with the other couples in terms of colours, etc. however if this works in your favour you could share the costs and essentially save 50% off your floral arrangements for the tables, labour costs and the big one – hanging florals. You can thank me later J If not, another way to ensure your florals go to good hands is by placing a card on one guests’ place setting on each table to thank them for their assistance in the lead up to your day and ask them to take the floral arrangement with them as a small thank you at the end of the night.
  5. In 2019 #fashionrevolution informs us 60% of our clothing is Plastic. Check out our unique vintage denim jackets. I wanted to create a product for the wedding market using recycled materials, now I individually source and re-purpose Levi’s Vintage denim jackets with custom lettering such as WIFEY and MRS VEGA custom. I love how they look and how they make Brides and their Tribe feel on the day 💃🏽

Bride to be at a picnic with her back to you with the writing BRIDE on the back of her vintage levi denim jacket

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