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Can I Uninvite A Wedding Guest? MMW 147



How do you uninvite wedding guests?

Are you wondering, can I uninvite someone from my wedding?

You might fall into one of these 3 categories:

1. You have already sent an invite to a guest you wish to no longer have attend. 

2. You  had a few drinks and told some people they would definitely be invited when you actually have no plans or budget to invite them but felt pressured at the time.

3. Or you have sent them a save the date but now don't plan to send them an actual invitation.

Are you feeling like you relate to one of those scenarios?

This is such a common conundrum. But don't fear, I am going to help you through it so that you are not forced to inviting anyone you don't wish to have there.

I am going to give you the perfect wording you can use to make it easier to let them down gently.

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