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3 Crucial Wedding Tasks MMW 135



Do you want more calm and ease in your wedding planning journey? There are 3 tasks you can review right now that will give you exactly that! More calm and ease.

Calm and ease in the planning makes for a more relaxed wedding day.

So, what are these 3 tasks?

1. Review your budget. No matter what stage of the planning you are at, you should be constantly reviewing your budget. You need to review the prices against your estimates you made at the start. You should be ensuring you are keeping your budget up to date and including everything you have spent so far so that you can ensure you will have money at the end to pay the final invoices. You should also be reviewing that what you are spending money on is actually in-line with the wedding vision you set.

This leads onto the second task to review constantly.

2. You need to review the wedding vision you should have created at the start of your planning. We cover how to create your wedding vision as the first task in the Calm Bride Planner. Your wedding vision keeps you on track and ensures you are creating a wedding of your dreams and helps you make quick decisions.

3. You need to constantly review your to do list. Within The Manage My Wedding App you will have tasks you haven’t completed or started yet. Can any of those tasks be removed because they really don’t fit with your vision? Or can they be removed just simply because you don't want to do them. Is there anything you haven’t actioned that you really aren’t actioning because someone else is making you do it and it's just not really you? This are very important things to ask yourself throughout the planning.

Review each task remaining on the to do list and ensure it’s what you want and also what you can afford (this is why the wedding vision is so important).

So just to recap. You need to review right now;

  1. The wedding budget
  2. The wedding vision
  3. The wedding 'to do' list



If you feel like you need some help with reviewing these or you are struggling, I suggest you watch my FREE wedding workshop where I share the 3 biggest mistakes I see couples making when wedding planning. You can watch it HERE!


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