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Our Welcome Wooden Wedding Sign announces you as the married couple when your guests arrive at your wedding. Finally getting married, they add a rustic and elegant touch to your wedding.
Welcome Wooden Wedding Sign
Welcome Wooden Wedding Sign

Welcome Wooden Wedding Sign

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Warmly welcome your wedding guests with this custom rustic piece. This hand-crafted, personalised wedding welcome sign works beautifully as a primary focal piece that your guests will notice upon first arriving at your ceremony or reception.

The flow of the font and overall classic design will help set the tone for your special day, whilst also letting guests know they're at the right place. It also makes a lovely gift as a bridesmaid to give to the bride in the lead up to her wedding day.

Not only is it a functional and beautiful piece the happy couple can use at their wedding, it's something they can feature and display in their marital home as a keepsake reminder from their special day.

This sign is made from quality, durable, thick Acacia hardwood with a lovely grain. It has a nice weight to it, which makes it more premium and less likely to fall victim to any adverse weather conditions. The wood is also weather-proofed and quality outdoor, permanent vinyl is used for the lettering, to ensure it's long-lasting and suitable for use outside.

Width: approx. 60cm, Height: approx. 41cm, Depth: approx. 2cm

- Each weighs approximately 2.5kg 

Personalised with your names and wedding date.

Furniture and accessories in the photos are not included.

MMW Wedding Tip - The Welcome Wedding Signs are a photographer's dream. The sign has multiple uses. You have a wedding vision. Think of all the ways you can multi-purpose this beautiful sign? Reception or ceremony decoration or the bride and groom can hold it for photos. Use it to decorate the ceremony area, and later, your reception.