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Wedding name signs and favours. Handmade marble wedding name place coasters
Wedding favours handmade marble signs perfect for name places, drink coasters and
wedding keepsakes for your wedding guests
Wedding placecards that are unique and guests will keep
Wedding Guest Favours that guests will love
Marble Coaster Wedding Place Cards and Favours - SAMPLE

Marble Coaster Wedding Place Cards and Favours - SAMPLE

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Our marble coaster wedding place cards and favours are statement makers.  The personalised coasters and wedding favours are guaranteed to stop your guests in their tracks. Talking about you, and your wedding, long after it is over. Remembering how thoughtful you were. How welcome you made them feel. Each coaster will help them find their seats. It will have their name on it. Best of all, it doubles as a bespoke keepsake your guests will use long after you have said: "I do". The final touch of class to your beguiling table setting and the memories you and your guests will treasure forever. 

Please order at least six weeks in advance.

Hexagonally shaped and personally sourced marble - handmade - no mass production here. They are smooth to the touch on both sides with lovely bevelled top edges. The top side is polished and the bottom side has four foam dots for surface protection. 

Once you have signed off your name selection, we make the decals using adhesive vinyl foil. They are meticulously placed and secured on each coaster by hand. Then treated with industrial-grade enamel. Providing optimal heat resistance. Perfect for summer and winter drinks.

Colours available: gold foil, rose gold foil, and black steel along with six font choices.

Please note: the coasters are not dishwasher proof. A damp cloth is perfect.


Width: approx. 10cm (between each opposite hexagonal point)

Height / thickness: approx. 0.6cm (excluding foam dots)

MMW Wedding Tip - Marble coaster place cards and favours are fabulous gifts. A wonderful surprise for friends celebrating an anniversary, birthday, Christmas. Even finishing university. Ooooh, pop some sparkle into your next dinner party.

**If you would have your heart set on a different font or an alternative foil colour, please get in touch with our customer service team. It's our pleasure to help you.

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