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Ivory Satin Bow Garter
Ivory Satin Bow Garter
An image of the ivory bow garter. The garter is laid flat, showing the centred ivory satin bow which is placed on matching ivory satin ribbon.

Ivory Satin Bow Garter

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This simple Ivory Satin Bow Garter is a classic handcrafted satin bridal garter suitable to wear on your wedding day, save as a keepsake or have for the garter toss. Designed with classic ivory satin ribbon and embellished delicacy with a centred ivory satin bow.

A very comfortable wearing garter that is one size fits all.

- Measurement: Width 2.5cm
- Colour: Ivory

MMW Wedding Tip - Wear two garters: one to toss and one to keep. Wear both garters on the same leg and place the tossing garter below the garter you are wanting to keep. The Ivory Satin Bow Garter is a beautiful garter for either tossing or keeping.

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