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A closeup image of the Gold Bride Squad tattoo on a wrist. Bride is written in cursive font with a love heart above the i. Squad is in bold square text and the combination works perfectly together, and looks fantastic in Gold.
Bride Squad Temporary Gold Hens Party Tattoo

Bride Squad Temporary Gold Hens Party Tattoo

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These easy to use ‘Bride Squad’ gold temporary hens party tattoos are a great way to get the bride having some fun and laughing at her pre-wedding celebrations. These gold tattoos are a great accessory for a fun day and can be used at the bridal shower or hens party.

These excellent quality metallic gold foil tattoos are safe, non-toxic, waterproof, and will add a little sparkle to the party and make a great gift idea for the bridal party. Easy to apply and removes instantly with nail polish remover, the tattoo is the perfect wrist size,  5cm x 5cm. Each tattoo is supplied separately in its own clear bag.


  • Ensure skin is clean and dry
  • Remove the clear sheet
  • Press the tattoo face down with a wet cloth against the tattoo for 30 seconds
  • Remove the white paper carefully

MMW Wedding Tip - Purchase additional ‘Bride Squad’ Gold Temporary Hens Party Tattoos so the future Bride has a keepsake or incase she wishes to apply additional tattoos to other parts of her body. 

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