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 Cake toppers “always” for wedding cakes. Custom made Always add a stylish touch to your wedding cake

Always Wedding Cake Topper

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Our Always Wedding Cake Topper is the statement maker. Is there any better word? "Always" says it all. There is no need to add anything else to your wedding cake because this topper does the lot. The Always Wedding Cake Topper is a heart-tugging addition for so many celebrations: proposal, engagement, anniversary, or commemoration of a special occasion.

This DIY cake topper is a sentimental topper for all your loved-up moments. Imagine how you'll feel with this beautiful topper adorning your wedding cake? 

The topper comprises quality cardstock in rose gold foil. Durable and food-safe. Please order a week in advance.

- Width: approx. 15cm (6")

- Height (excluding stem): approx. 10cm (4")

- Stem: approx. 9cm (3")

MMW Wedding Tip - the Always Cake Topper pulls on your heartstrings. Sentimental folks beware. Wedding aside, it's ideal for any celebration commanding a cake. Keep it in mind. Decorate your baked delight or a signature made cake. Be sure to add to your keepsake box. It's also a lovely gift for friends if you have a cake to celebrate a moment. 

**Cake toppers are made to order and processing time is 3-5 business days. If you require this urgently please email so we can try and assist you the best we can.