5 Things a Bride Should NEVER Do When Planning a Wedding

So; you’re getting married, you’re super excited, and there is so much to do! But there are some things a bride should NEVER do. Avoid being nicknamed a Bridezilla or ‘that bride’ everyone talks down about. Crying uncontrollably all the time about minor details will only turn everyone off you, and make planning your wedding even more difficult. Weddings are meant to be fun and enjoyable.

There are so many things a bride needs to tick off her to do list but there are many things she should know not to do. Below is a list of things a Bride should NEVER do when planning a wedding, to help your wedding be stress (and tear) free.

5 Things the Bride Should NEVER DO When Planning a Wedding


If your parent’s are helping you out financially you have that, of course, to be very thankful for. But not only might you need to thank your parents financially, you need to remember that this is a very emotional time for them. Watching their baby walk down that aisle is a big deal. Remember to be thankful and supportive of them and everything they have ever done for you.


  • Give them hugs here and there through the journey to make them feel special.
  • Always remember to thank them for their suggestions, even if you don’t necessarily like the suggestion.
  • Always make them feel like their opinion is valued. There’s nothing worse than being a Bride that thinks they’re always right or no-one else’s opinion matters.
  • You can thank your parents by having them involved in decision making.
  • A little thank you speech at the actual wedding never goes astray.


This drives everyone crazy and makes your family and friends lose interest in your wedding day.


  • If asked how the wedding plans are coming along be brief and tell them it’s all coming together beautifully and you can’t wait to share it with them.
  • If your friends keep asking you how your wedding planning is going, ask if they would like to help by doing a small task for you. If they say yes this will help them feel included and want to speak more with you about the wedding. If they say no, they’ll probably avoid asking about the wedding again in the future at the risk of having to actually help you!
  • Don’t complain about your husband-to-be, in-laws or your own parents over and over. Everyone knows you’re stressed and don’t really mean what you’re saying, but it’s better not to plant a negative seed in anyone’s mind about your future family.
  • If you couldn’t help it and had an hour long moan to your best friend on the phone or have been texting your mum non-stop, take them out to dinner to say thank-you for listening.


Keep people guessing on what to expect on the wedding day. If you give too much away they don’t have anything to look forward to. It’s also a very good idea not to post anything on social media. It’s tempting to want to post a picture of your gorgeous bonbonnieres when they arrive but this should be avoided.


  • Stay off your social accounts. It’s okay to go on pinterest for wedding ideas, or a few Instagram accounts for gorgeous decorations but you don’t want to start comparing your wedding to other peoples. You also don’t want to post “what do you think of…” and have your friends start making fun of your ideas. It’s your day so do what you want to do – it’s not a competition.
  • If your friends or family keep bugging you for pictures of the dress or location just be firm and say “I’m not telling you because I want it to be a surprise, but trust me – you’re going to love it!” If they’re you’re real friends they will let it go.


You are marrying the man of your dreams right? Well make sure in the lead up that he knows this. It’s very easy to get distracted and stressed and forget about why you are getting married. You want your fiancé to be as excited as you are and if he gets forgotten or feels unloved then this can tarnish the wedding day.


  • Make sure you are sitting with him regularly, discussing ideas together, but then again don’t bombard him all at once with a thousand questions.
  • Let him make some of the decisions.
  • Remove the word “no” and instead explain why you think his suggestion won’t work and offer other options. You don’t want to make your partner feel shut out or stupid.
  • Have date nights together where you do not talk about the wedding at all.


It might sound like a great idea to go from a brunette to blonde the week of your wedding. Or to wax your eyebrows thinner than ever before. These decisions so close to your big day can leave you in a big heap of tissues.


  • Avoid new skincare routines or treatments such as a facial. It’s fine to want perfect skin but maybe start these treatments 6 months before your wedding date to be sure any allergic reactions happen well before the big day.
  • You want to look your best and are keen to shake those last couple of kilos before you walk down the aisle, but crash dieting or diet shakes could affect your skin and body so again, start these well in advance.
  • If you never really wear makeup and are a more natural girl, don’t try a black smoky eye on your wedding day. Even a really beautiful makeup look can be shocking to you and your family if you/they are not used to seeing it. Always get a bridal makeup and hair trial done so you know exactly what to expect on the big day.
  • Be yourself on your wedding day and remember the more natural you are the more your fiancé will be smitten when you walk down the aisle looking him in the eyes.

As the bride, it is definitely your day and you can do whatever you like. But you have to remember this is just one day. Bad behaviour can stay in people’s memories for years to come. So before you lose your cool, or get too wrapped in your wedding, take a deep breath and remember the five tips.

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