3 Tips on How to Handle Your In-Laws When Preparing & Planning Your Wedding Day.

In-laws can make wedding planning all that more difficult and handling this can be very stressful. As the bride, this is your day and you are most important but there is no point in upsetting the in-laws and causing family drama in the lead up to your big day.

3 Tips on How to Handle Your In-Laws When Preparing & Planning Your Wedding Day.

Biting your tongue will definitely help, but the best thing you can do is make your in-laws feel included. Give them jobs to do, ask for their opinion and most importantly just fake it to make it!

1. Give In-Laws Tasks

In-laws and even your own parents want to feel included in the lead up to your big day. Giving them jobs to do will keep them busy and help them feel involved.


  • DON’T give them tasks that are important to you. Allowing your in-laws to make big decisions for items such as the flowers or the cake could create huge disagreements.
  • Narrow down choices first on items you care less about and allow in-laws to have the final say. For instance – ask them to sort out the cars but give them the top 3 car hire companies and car types you like. OR ask your mother-in-law to sort out what lollies will go on the lolly station. At the end of the day the lollies will not matter – they are gobbled up in seconds.
  • If you have a theme or colour you want to be featured on your wedding day, make this very clear at the beginning so your in-laws know not to branch away from what you want.


2. Ask For In-Laws Opinions

This is always a good way to win everyone over. If you’re asking someone for an opinion, it means you value what they think. This is excellent for your in-law/ daughter-in-law relationship.


  • Invite them to your menu tasting for their opinion, or it could be as basic as asking their opinion on the 2 table centre pieces you can’t decide between.
  • Ask your husband-to-be to take his mother along to help him pick his suits and let her know the date so you look like the perfect daughter-in-law passing on this crucial piece of information. Boys can be hopeless with passing on information so why not be the one to do it and get all the glory?
  • Seating plans are always a difficult item to organise once you have all the RSVPs – so why not give the list of family members to each mother, tell her how many tables she has and get her to decide who sits on what table? This will keep her busy and leave you alone to do all your friends tables.


3. Fake it Until You Make It.

Sometimes taking the high road just means swallowing your pride, listening to your in-laws suggestions while in your head screaming “NO!”


  • Bite your tongue, nod your head, smile and agree. They don’t need to know what you are thinking.
  • Be the better person and don’t give in to the drama if they’re trying to create it. This will give them nothing to complain about.
  • Agreeing to your in-laws suggestions on small things that don’t matter to you, or saying yes to something at the time is always better then starting an argument. You can always go and change it later.

Enjoy making your in-laws (and your own parents) happy with these helpful tips.

Do you have any tricks you used to make your wedding day stress free? Let me know in the comments.

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